Canon Halloween Movies

Each book in the series focuses on a child. Nurse – Decapitated off-panel by Michael with a kitchen knife.

Although they made a handful of horror films in between.

Canon halloween movies. The Revenge of Michael Myers 1989 Halloween 6. But didnt they kill her off before Halloween 4. This leaves us with the canon Halloween films but its a little misleading to consider them all of the same ilk.

Debuting on October 19 the latest Halloween is directed by David Gordon Green from a script written with Danny McBride and Jeff Fradley. The franchise went back to Michael Myers story with Halloween 4. Yet his body is missing when they go to examine it Halloween II.

The Return of Michael Myers Halloween 5. Nurse – Decapitated off-panel by Michael with a kitchen knife. This nod refers to a major retcon that Halloween 2018 will introduce wherein the familial tie between Michael and Laurie is no longer canon.

Carter – Died from a heart attack off-panel. Disney Chills is a middle-grade horror series in the vein of Goosebumps written by Jennifer Brody under the pen name Vera Strange. The Return of Michael Myers 1988 Halloween 5.

In the upcoming sequel Haddonfield Memorial Hospital will be returning to the new canon with Anthony Michael Hall set to play Tommy Doyle who first appeared as a child in the original Halloween. And if that isnt enough. The set includes Halloween Halloween II Halloween III.

Its a twist that writer John Carpenter later admitted. Anyone whos a fan of any of these films will find nice little Easter Eggs acknowledging our salute to the filmmakers that have preceded us in the stories and mythologies as theyve unfolded revealed Green. Halloween Kills has a chance to break the record held by 1981s Halloween II in the original franchise canon.

Halloween II is the film that introduced the twist that Laurie Strode Jamie Lee Curtis was actually the long-lost sister of Michael Myers. Season of the Witch Halloween 4. TheJetJaguar 11122018.

Laurie being taken into that hospital and treated for her wounds obviously happened. But in 2018 it didnt make sense that she was basically a doomsday prepper when the original 1978 film is the only movie considered canon in this sequel with retcons that cause Lauries personality to make even less sense-. Our series of Hammer Horror film reviews for the Halloween season begins with their radical reinterpretation of the most moribund series in the Universal Monster canon.

Shudder Acquires Period Horror Movie The Last Thing Mary Saw Featuring Orphan Star Isabelle. Halloween 1978 Halloween II 1981 Halloween 4. The Curse of Michael Myers before going through its first retcon.

Because there are multiple. Rob Zombies Halloweens are definitely not worthy of being canon and the second Halloween movie in that franchise makes even the first Halloween remake look bad. The first Halloween film concludes with Loomis saving Laurie by shooting Michael six times and knocking him off a balcony.

Halloween 1978 Halloween II 1981 Halloween III 1982 Halloween 4 1988 Halloween 5 1989 Halloween 6 1995 Halloween H20 1998 Halloween Resurrection 2002 Halloween 2007 Halloween II 2009 Halloween 2018. In Halloween II Laurie discovers that Michael is her brother a plot device that is further explored in the sequels but the scene in the trailer outright confirms that their relations are based out of rumor not fact. The Revenge of Michael Myers and Halloween.

For decades John Carpenters Halloween has terrified moviegoers with its spooky tale of a young innocent babysitter who is stalked by a deranged serial killer. Which movie is canon in what timeline. Watch on NOW TV Available until 22nd October 2020 2.

The Curse of Michael Myers 1995. The Return Of Michael Myers and Halloween 5. Well it turns out that Halloween 4 5 and 6 didnt happen.

Halloween 2018 A direct follow-up to John Carpenters original film 2018s Halloween returns to find Laurie Strode a paranoid loner. I will try my best to simplify the way the films are usually approached but basically you can split Halloween fans into two camps. Timeline 1 1978 1995 The first timeline launched with Halloween in 1978 and was followed by Halloween II taking place immediately after the events of the first film as Michael Myers.

Ultimate Halloween Fan Film is Canon With Original Timeline. Orderly – Stabbed in the mouth by Michael with a kitchen knife. Annies body being wheeled out and Sheriff blaming Loomis for letting him out may have still happened.

In Rob Zombies Halloween there is no logic to Michaels approach in killing. Yes parts of Halloween 2 are possibly canon with Halloween 2018. The films go in this list.

Lindsey Wallace – Stabbed off-panel by Michael with kitchen knives. Those who love or even just like Halloween 4 5 6 and those who dont. The Revenge Of Michael Myers.

Canon EOS 7D Short Halloween Movie – Madilyn – YouTube. At the Theater a GameFAQs message board topic titled So is Halloween II not canon anymore. The events in those films the canon of those films did not happen at all as far as Halloween 2018 is concerned.

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